Video Marketing

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Personalized Holiday Video Greetings

Send compelling, heartfelt video messages to all your subscribers for each holiday of the year.
Popular holidays you should consider sending video messages on are…

  1. New Years Day (start the year our right, set goals, become a better person, encouragement)
  2. MKL Day (Encourages everyone to treat their fellow man with dignity, respect and co-exist)
  3. Valentines Day (All about relationships and love)
  4. Easter Sunday (It’s about the Saviour of the World, Jesus The Christ)
  5. Mother’s Day (Thanking older mothers.  Encouraging young mothers. Importance of motherhood.  Role of a mother)
  6. Memorial Day (Remembering those fallen veterans day and sacrifice)
  7. Fathers Day (Thanking older fathers.  Encouraging young fathers. Importance of fatherhood.  Role of a father)
  8. Independence Day (Boost moral on being a free American citizen)
  9. Labor Day (Spending time with family.  Safe travels. Being thankful for employment)
  10. Veterans Day (Importance of recognizing veterans, their sacrifice and what it takes for us to be a free society)
  11. Thanksgiving Day (Being thankful.  Families coming together.  Helping someone less fortunate.  Safe travels)
  12. Christmas Day (Obviously, It’s about the birth of Christ.  Safe travels.  Bless someone else.  Be thankful. Teach kids the real meaning for the season)

Monthly Content Videos

It’s proven that people are 85% more likely to watch a video in its entirety that reading a lengthy, well-written text article.  Sending monthly videos to your subscribers can keep them encouraged, informed, engaged and waiting for your next video message.

Video Content Produced & Posted On Your…

  • Website
  • Youtube channel
  • Facebook page
  • Other social media outlets

How it works

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. You pick a frequency (monthly, holidays or both)
  3. Calendar dates are established for shooting the videos (on your premises)
  4. Delivery and upload schedules are confirmed.
  5. Both parties agree on terms.  Get started.

Technical Details and FAQ’s

  • 20 Most Important Video Marketing Statistics for 2018.  click here to read the article
  • Most messages are shorter than 5 minutes.  The average is 1 – 2 minutes.
  • Most videos will be shot on your premises.  With pre-planning, videos can be shot on any location.  Additional fees may apply.
  • Shooting on your premises may sometimes require HVAC services to be turned off while shooting.
  • All video is shot in 4k.  Edited in 4k and uploaded in 4k.  High-quality lavalier and shotgun microphones offer professional sound to accompany the high-quality video.
  • Video messages can be delivered to you on:  USB drive, DVD, BluRay Disc or uploaded to your website and social media platforms.
  • Videos are editing and posted to your online platforms within 72 hours.  Electronic file, DVD or BluRay can be mailed to your facility.