A/V Broadcasting & Production

We offer several audio / video broadcasting and production solutions that will help shore up your productions needs while keeping attendees safe through social distancing.

FM Audio Broadcasting

Our high quality, commercial grade FM Radio transmitters can deliver an HD audio broadcast to hundreds of car radios within a 3-500 yard radius. Let everyone stay in their vehicles, tune in to a pre-designated FM station and enjoy HD audio from your outside event.

Social media live streaming (Youtube, Facebook Vimeo)

Utilizing professional, portable cell towers, we can broadcast your live event to Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo for local or remote viewers. Attendees can stay in their vehicles and enjoy your event via their smart device and share the link with loved ones anywhere in the world.

Streaming will increase your viewership and organizational exposure exponentially (this requires a small camera crew, director and producer).

Professional Video Production & Recording

We offer multiple camera 4k & HD video recording with HD audio. These productions are shot using multiple cameras, multiple camera operators, a director, a producer and an audio engineer.

Jumbotron (super large video projection screens)

15 foot, backlit video productions screens setup on your property enables everyone to stay in their vehicles to watch and listen to an event while socially distancing.